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Record Results for International Fund for Houbara Conservation

Date : 26/09/2018

Description :

Fund surpasses landmark milestones in birds produced and those provided for conservation efforts to support wild populations of Houbara bustard

Abu Dhabi, 26 September 2018: The International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) - a leading and proactive model for species conservation - has today announced its annual figures for the number of birds produced in its breeding centres and those provided for its conservation efforts to support wild populations of the Houbara bustard. As a result, of the Fund’s efforts, Abu Dhabi’s Houbara conservation programme has surpassed two major milestones. The total number of Houbara bred under the programme initiated by the late Sheikh Zayed in 1977 has reached over 400,000 birds, whilst the numbers used in conservation efforts to support wild populations passed the 300,000 figure.

Commenting on the results, His Excellency Majid Al Mansouri, Managing Director, IFHC, said: “These figures represent another successful year for Abu Dhabi’s Houbara conservation programme. Conservation breeding and release is a key pillar to our strategy to deliver our objective to preserve and restore sustainable wild populations of a bird that has been part of our heritage for centuries. Sheikh Zayed initiated the Houbara conservation programme and it is a fitting testament to his vision that in the Year of Zayed we have reached such milestones. There can be no greater way to celebrate his memory than to continue his work and to hand on a legacy to our children.”

In the reporting period 2017/18, 55,505 Houbara (of both Asian and North African varieties of the species) were bred at IFHC’s four breeding and research facilities located in Abu Dhabi, Morocco and Kazakhstan. This brings the total number of Houbara produced by the programme to over 423,000 birds. The two centres in Abu Dhabi each produced more than 16,000 Asian Houbara, meaning the total number of Asian Houbara bred under the programme broke the 200,000 barrier.

The number of birdsprovided for conservation efforts in this reporting year totaled 39,137, bringing the historical total to over 302,000 and, in doing so, surpassing the 300,000 milestone. Subsequently, Houbarawere released into the wild in nine different countries across the species’ range. Asian Houbara were released in Bahrain, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabic and the UAE, whilst North African Houbara were released in Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco to reinforce wild populations.

About The International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC)

Initiated by the late Sheikh Zayed, Abu Dhabi undertook a programmer to restore the threatened Houbara bustard. A global conservation strategy was developed and the implemented over the past forty years with the objective of ensuring the species has a sustainable future in the wild through effective and appropriate conservation programmes and management plans. From 1995, the conservation strategy adopted consisted in an integrated approach combining sound ecology, protection measures in the wild, conservation breeding and reinforcement programmers. IHFC was created in 2006 to take the original programme further by managing international assets and securing partnerships across the range of the Houbara that encourage sustainable practices to ensure the conservation of Houbara.

The website of the International Fund for Houbara Conservation:www.houbarafund.org

For more information, please contact:

Ali Mubarak Al Shamsi, Acting Head of Communications & Public Relations

+971 2 693 4436

+971 50 5381118


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