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Houbara Fund celebrates the UAE National Environment Day

Date : 06/02/2017

Description :

Houbara Fund celebrates the UAE National Environment Day

At Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Heritage Festival


The International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) celebrated the National Environment Day duringSheikh Sultan binZayed Heritage Festival, in the city of Sweihan, Abu Dhabi.


The IFHC organized several competitions to raise awareness of the most prominent environmental issues, as well as life threatening challenges, thatfacethe Houbara Bustards and to promote the importance of preserving the wildlife in the UAE.

Throughout theevent, the IFHC educated visitors on the Houbara bird species, and the goals and accomplishments of the IFHC since its establishment, including the increase of Houbarabirdsreleasedinto the wild. Prizes were distributed after a series of questions were asked of  an engaged audience.


Ali Mubarak Al Shamsi, acting Head of Communications and Public Relations at IFHC, said: “The Houbara Fund’s participation in the National Environment Day aims primarily to raise the level of public awareness about sustainable hunting and thechallenges facing the Houbara bustards and the remarkable efforts taken to preserve the bird by the UAE government through the IFHC’s efforts.”


Al Shamsi added,“We are proud of IFHC’s global initiatives to protect this vulnerable species,and the research the fund has been conducting for decades to safeguard their habitat across Asia and Africa.”


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