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Our strategy remains true to Sheikh Zayed’s vision and our commitment remains as strong as his passion to restore sustainable wild populations of this remarkable bird.

Our objective now is to take the Houbara project into a new phase. Building on forty years of achievement, the next phase of Abu Dhabi’s project to restore the Houbara focuses on sustainability. Having secured the genetic legacy of the species in captivity and reached a significant level of captive breeding, we will increase our efforts in supporting wild populations of Houbara across its range, which stretches from Morocco to Mongolia.

We define our model of conservation as Preventive Intervention. This means acting positively to redress imbalances.  Our goal is to achieve viable populations of Houbara across its range states and six pillars support our model: 

Sustained Conservation Breeding & Release: To enhance our work in restoring wild populations through continued learning and translating this into more effective outcomes.

Wild Reserves and protection: To use our resources of experience and knowledge to secure the protection of vital eco-systems and range lands, so that the species can flourish.

International Affairs: To create viable eco-systems for sustainable Houbara populations through deeper international partnerships across the range countries and with international organisations.

Legislation/Regulation/Enforcement: To unite behind shared and enforced legal and regulatory agreements that provide a framework that will sustain the Houbara in the wild while maintaining our cultural heritage.

Culture & Heritage: To support falconry organisations, both local and international, in achieving the best outcomes for the long-term sustainability of falconry heritage.

Education: To educate the next generation of conservationists and falconers about sustainability using our work on the Houbara as a unique case study on conservation in action. 


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